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Springy Flowy Florals!

Hey loveies!

Top: Amaxon Prime! Under $10.00

Pants: Target Under $30

Happy Wednesday! Am I right???

Today was a perfect day to be outside! I even took my students out to lunch in the courtyard to soak up some vitamin D! Needless to say I need the sun to do some magic to my pale skin! I've had a ton of packages come in the mail this week. I may have gone a little crazy on Amazon this weekend. I couldn't help myself, the deals were all over. Although I spent forever reading reviews, I found the most adorable finds I CAN NOT wait to share with you! First up is my flowy floral top from Amazon prime for $9.99. The reviews had me worried but I tried anyways- heck free returns so why not take the risk!

This top was perfect for today! It was light and airy and brought the springtime vibe into my classroom! I felt put together when I paired it with green pants. I basically was a walking flower, which I don't have a problem with at all!

*****Fun fact*** As mentioned in my Instagram post my feet aren't shown because I tried out self tanner on my feet/legs for the firs time EVER and lets just say- I messed up big time. Note to self- when the directions say WASH HANDS AFTER APPLICATION- do that. My hand look like I was a supporting actor in the movie Holes- you remember starring Shia LaBeouf? Yeah, read the directions not matter how light you think the formula is!!! The shame of weird colored hands= priceless.

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