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National Swimsuit Day

Hello! Hope you are staying safe and looking forward to Memorial Day Weekend!

I wanted to make a quick post about the amazing quality swimsuits I've found on Amazon since Victoria's Secret stopped making swimsuits I've had the hardest time finding swimsuits that fit or have a cute style that I like. Have no fear! Amazon is here! Thank goodness!

First is a high-waisted bikini. I love the pattern on the top with the floral and check print. The bottoms are soft and have a nice stretch to them. They also don't cut the circulation off to my legs with an unwanted elastic band. I ordered a size small and it fit both top and bottom. For reference I am a 26' waist and a 32D top/bra size. I also was able to fold down the high-wasited bottoms for a while to allow my stomach to get some color- and the band is so soft it didn't feel uncomfortable with it rolled down which is nice for those who may not want that ultra high rise bottom.

Swimsuit: Shown size small. Straps are also adjustable!

Cardigan: Shown size small. Got this last year and it's amazing quality.

Long duster: Same cardigan but longer in length. Also comes in two styles in white and there is a black option

Sunnies: These are beat to heck, but I still love them! This color selection is sold out, but there are other options. I love Quay even though they aren't Amazon prices the quality is great.

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