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Be extra, match your hair tie to your to!

Hey there!

Nice to see ya! I hope you had a great weekend and great start to the new week. I'm working my butt off this week, its only Tuesday and I'm sleepy. I'll still be posting to my blog and LiketoKnowIt since I'm not approved through Amazon yet. Just keep up on my Instagram account to know where to find links!

I wore this adorable bodysuit a couple weeks ago when I went to dinner with some friends. This bodysuit is really fun. The material is alright coming from Australia- it wasn't the best but it also wasn't the worst but the print really attracted me. Nice and bright for summer!

The sleeves are a little strange on this top, they're attached to the body of top so your movement is limited. Just wear it and don't go to a concert where you have to raise your arms a lot and you will be golden.

Bodysuit: The back of this is open and super cute too. The material is pretty thick so I just wore body tape to keep it in place all night. Wearing a size small.

Jeans: My favorite most worn American Eagle jeans. You've probably seen me in them too many times if you follow along on my blog.

Earrings: Amazon! These are perfect for summer. Very on trend with the rattan material and white tassels. Oh and light weight! oh, and more bang for your buck- its a 4 pack of earrings and their all great quality.

Shoes: okay, okay, I know buying shoes from Amazon can be a little iffy, but these heels are so comfortable and fit true to size! Also shown here in pink which would go amazing with this top!

Another great brand and similar style are these Chinese Laundry heels, too.

Cheers! Have a great week babes!


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