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Freddie T-shirt Dress

I am a classic rock lover through and through. When I spotted this T-shirt dress of Freddie Mercury I knew I had to have it! As soon as I ordered it I had an idea of what kind of outfit I wanted to pull together for a over-sized T-shirt dress.

I chose to size up in the dress itself, so I am wearing a size medium for reference and I'm 5'7. This outfit was so fun and edgy to wear! This shirt is a bit thin, I wore nude undies and got away without anything being seen. Also towards the end of the day I threw on some b&w biker shorts and I wish I would have snapped a picture because it just added even more to this outfit!

Freddie Mercury T-Shirt Dress: Wearing a medium. (Mind you this is a tad bit see through)

Combat Boots: Not gonna lie these are SO comfy. They have a memory foam insert and just make these boots that much better. They're sold out not (definitely not in season). Def. keep a look out in the Fall for these to come back- they were $19.98.

Chunky Gold Necklace: This comes in a set of 2 already clustered necklaces! Light weight and what you'd want in a chunky gold necklace. Plus for the price of two, can't beat the price! They are already made in a layered set for an easy throw on a go!

Cheers! Hope you have a great day!

  • Victoria Davis

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