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Leopard one piece

Happy Wednesday!

Just as always, I'm here to share what I wear! I found this AMAZING leopard one piece swim suit from Amazon. The quality honestly reminds me of Victoria's Secret Swim! The quality of this suit is incredible. Not only that, the low cut front is so flattering and sexy. That's not all, it is full coverage in the back.

I love the balance of "party in the front, business in the back" this suit isn't going to give it all away with the full coverage booty. Plus the straps are long and gives you variation of how you'd want to wear the back!

Leopard One Piece: This swimsuit definitely fits true to size. Tons of stretch in it. Here I am wearing a small. The straps are like a halter top, and very long so very adjustable!

Black Sunglasses: these are my favorite pair! They're so chic and HUGE! The definitely look like high end glasses. I sent a picture to my sister and in two days she got them herself!

Red Hexagon Sunglasses: Same style just in red!

Tortoise Sunnies: Very similar in color and style to the pair pictured.

Necklaces: These strands came in a variety pack of 20! TWENTY! I also purchased some necklace extenders to prevent tangling and help better layer them.

Necklace extenders: This set has both gold and silver with multiple attachments to layer up to four necklaces. Some of them are a little funky to work with but, for the price you can't beat it to not have tangled necklaces!

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