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My experience for a whiter smile with Smile Brilliant

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As we come to the {almost} end of the first month of 2020 I wanted to share how I've been bettering myself in this time. Yes, we know eating healthy and going to the gym consistently is important, but one thing I believe we forget is our teeth health! Yes, your teeth! I have always thought a great smile was right there next to pretty eyes! Have you ever stopped and though about the health of your teeth? I've always been conscious about my smile and that is was NEVER bright enough- then Smile Brilliant! came along!

Smile Brilliant has made the process so easy! Not only that- I got the results I wanted over time! I used to use crest white strips but they never stayed in place and there was always an overly goopy mess! YUCK! With Smile Brilliant! I was able to create my own molds from home, ship them off, and get custom fitted trays for MY smile! The process is simple and it has results!

I've been whitening for a little over two months, and let me tell you the first two times I saw a difference and whats even better- its cost effective when comparing to the whitening treatments at the dentists office.

**Use code Winestainedlife15 for 15% off! (of course after you enter the giveaway!)

From the custom fitted trays, to the positive feedback and review on the Smile Brilliant website. I was so happy with my results. I did have a hiccup and left them on for too long and got white spots on my teeth. This is OKAY! Don't freak like I did! This is decalcification, or the demineralizing of your teeth from the whitening. I left my trays in for 4 hours and didn't follow up with the desensitizing gel. This helps out A LOT with this problem, as well as the saliva in our mouth! So always be sure to include time to use the desensitizing gel after for at least 10 minutes.

I'm not hiding behind a dull smile anymore, and neither should you- That's I've teamed up with Smile Brilliant to give one of YOU a whitening kit of your own to get an amazing white smile in 2020!

**Use code Winestainedlife15 for 15% off!

This picture is embarrassing to show because I cannot believe my teeth were THIS discolored. These results were from me inconsistently using Smile Brilliant for 2ish months. If this isn't enough proof on how amazing this product is- I don't know what is! These images are both unedited in the same place and same lighting. I wanted to give you a REAL and HONEST review of this product and I couldn't be more impressed.

**Use code Winestainedlife15 for 15% off!

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