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For all my rockers in the house

I almost forgot to share my modern rock and roll outfit from when I worked at CMA fest! This was probably one of favorite outfits, just because it really showed off one of my favorite things, classic rock! My first encounter with classic rock was when I was in middle school and I played 'House of the Rising Sun' by The Animals from then it was just instant love. Classic rock has so much soul and meaning I just really relate to it.

I decided to be really extra and wear my hair 1/2 up in a bun 1/2 down, with a hair scarf. Just kind of makes me feel like I'm put together from top to bottom. I really like this hair style because it's my lazy girl/ running out of time hair style look.

Just about everything I'm wearing is from Amazon, my favorite go-to site of course!

Denim jacket is from TJ Maxx

Led Zep T: My shirt is from Urban Outfitters from years ago, but I found the SAME one on Amazon for wayyyy less.

Shorts: High-waisted and keeps me covered? Sign me up! Oh and on Prime- yes, yes, yes.

oh and there is an elastic waist!! SOLD!

Round sunnies: My favorite 60's feel sunnies!

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