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Chic night out

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Hey beauties!!

Blazer dresses similar to the one shown

Champagne dress: This is one is JUST like mine, just has two buttons

One in Gold

Two in White

Three in Black

Shiny Leopard

I wore this amazing gold silk blazer dress to a casino themed night out. This dress made me feel so sleek, clean, and sexy. Plus I had to debut my new beautiful Christian Louboutins. This dress was everything I could have wanted for a cocktail occasion dress. The exact one I am wearing is not in stock from the specific website I got it from anymore but I linked some very very similar ones.

I treated myself in March to my first pair of Christian Louboutins in Nashville when Christian himself visited the store! EKKK, I was totally fan giriling. He has such an amazing story of starting from the bottom and making a huge name for himself in the fashion industry. Seeing him in person was inspiring to say the least. If your ever in the mood to treat yourself I'll link my red bottoms as well!

Red bottoms featuring Richard- he's a goon and wanted to debut his bloods too ;)

Red bottoms, these is bloody shoes- thanks Cardi!

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