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Blazer and a Tee

Edgy. Easy to wear. Stylish. Fun.

This outfit was all those words above! It was comfy for a Friday night out shopping and having dinner. The blazer is older, but I've linked a few that are similar. I just really liked how the brown from the blazer paired with the brown LV symbols on the T-shirt.

I LOVED this outfit because it looked SO GOOD, but it was NOT EXPENSIVE. Shamelessly, I've had this blazer for a year and just took the tag off of it to wear. Opps, I have a problem.

Blazer: Very similar color and cut

Blazer 2: Similar color and plaid print

Blazer 3: Red color- good color to pair with this T

This T-shirt is amazingggg! I discovered it scrolling through Instagram, and I couldn't love it more!! I'm currently wearing a small and it has a relaxed fit to it. So I could restyle it by tying it into a knot in the front.

LV lips T: Comes in Small- 2XL. This shop has adorable T shirts for such a good price!!

Jeans: My favoriteeee distressed jeans! American Eagle is killing it.

These jeans hit my waist just right, not too low, but not up to my ribs.

Booties: My most comfortable booties from Walmart! FOR $20! Seriously the most comfortable! Do yourself the favor and get these booties because they also have memory foam and just so comfy! Can't rave enough about these Walmart booties

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