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A little about the sass behind the pictures

Hey there good looking!

First off, thank you SO MUCH for viewing my page.

I've always had the love for fashion and now

that the internet is so fancy I'm able to share it with you! I have a lot of things I enjoy in this life just to name a few: dogs, science, teaching, sunshine, clothes, organizing, long walks down store isles...I come from a family of Puerto Ricans and Gingers- or as I like to call myself a Ginger Rican. Therefore, I'm a little (okay a lot) hot headed and got some attitude to back it up. I grew up dancing- but am 100% retired now and couldn't bust a move if I tried!! I'm currently a middle science teacher as of January (graduated with my education masters in December). I stay busy but I like it that way.

I will go ahead and admit- I am no writer. I'm pretty boring when it comes to flowery language and passages, but what I can tell you about it some fashion and deals- which I hope is why you visited in the first place!

I've really dedicated a lot of my time (and money) to this and I hope you can notice it! I really created this platform to let women know that fashion is obtainable even with a little budget. Sure, I've done my share of splurging- we all deserve something nice, but I remain humble with the things I have because I've worked really damn hard to get them!

Drink the wine, shop for clothes, look cute-feel cute!



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