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When life gives you lemons

Hello! Hola! Ciao!

When Life gives you Lemons....LOOK ON AMAZON. I spent Roughly $28 dollars on this exact pictured headband, and found it on Amazon for $11.90 on PRIME. Brb while I go hate myself.....

ANDDDD, I'm back from my shameful moment of spending to share this Amazon swimsuit I found a few months back! The material is really soft and stretchy, I would recommend sizing up if your iffy on the sizes. I could probably wear a medium and be happy in it too- especially since I feel like I am in my "fluffy" stage. You know what I mean? We have the outfits for when were feeling fit AF and the outfits that we need when were preparing for a food baby, or when we're cramping and bloated but still desperately need to work on a tan (MEEE!!!!). This specific suit is my fluff suit for sure, it has a high enough waistline to cover my bloat and not make me feel like a beached whale. I say all this with regard to I know what my body looks like when I'm in shape and eating right, blah blah. It's my opinion on my body in its current state.

Lemon Suit It's on PRIME

Sunnies: These blue sunnies are really fun to pair with outfits! They're also on amazon prime for a sweet deal! 2 for 15, or 1 or 9.99. (psssttt the better deal is 2 for 15!) OR from with code "Wstained"

Head band: So cute and versatile. I just knotted and tied around the back of my head to hold in those frisky baby hairs! && comes in 25 different patterns!

I'm wearing a small and I'm a 32D bust and a 26in' waist.

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