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There's a snake in muh boot!

Sooooo little tid bit, if you live in Nashville you don't wear cowboy boots, its like joining the mathletes and as Gretchen Weiners put it- "total social suicide". Well, maybe not that extreme but you'll be deemed as a tourist.

I took my own spin on the "Nashville Tourist Look". Booties, a dainty belt buckle, silk top, and some round sunnies to make me a boho babe. This look can easily be transformed into a 'night life look' with black skinnies, and some black block heels.

Okay, no snakes in my boots- just some unpainted toes and AWESOME savings.


Linked a similar top the one I'm wearing is from the Lucky Brand Outlet


Abercrombie is always running sales, so if you don't catch these with the $25 dollar price tag, sign up for the email list and wait! Totally worth it!

Booties - Prime!

Super fun booties I found on Amazon, they're comfy and the detailing is so cute and trendy! The toe and heel have snake skin print and are wrapped in a champagne velvet material! Can't forget the trendy block heel!


My funky go to! I love these so much!


My layered necklace is from H&M. This made life easy because it was just one set! No need to mess around with many necklaces! Just throw on and go!

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