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The sign says fall...

The sign says fall, but the sweat on my face says summer heat.

The heat lightened up a bit to a cool 94 degrees...whew! I decided in this crazy transition weather to be sightly fall spirited.

An easy, but cool fall look is to pair a tulle skirt and a check shirt. I've owned this check shirt from J.Crew for YEARS! I want to say it was my first purchase from the store ever. So old, the sleeves have shrunk to my mid forearm, so I always have to wear it cuffed. Maybe one of these days I'll get a new one. J.Crew carries the same shirt still. There's just something about your favorite old shirt you can't get rid of.

Secondly, I teach, so I ALWAYS wear my Fitbit to keep track of time. I haven't committed to an apple watch just yet. My Fitbit is an eye sore, but I dressed it up with some chunky bracelets to try to disguise it.

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