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Saucy Red Skirt

Hey gang!

**Quick Story Time- When I was in the third grade my mom bought me this totally adorable red pleather jacket and matching pants from Walmart by the coolest brand ever at the time- Mary Kate and Ashley. *cue swooning little Victoria. Pretty sure it was same exact red as this skirt. Well, I wear this with no shame thinking I'm gonna be the baddest chick walking into the school with my rolling backpack- LOL. So I'm sitting in class and I start to get overheated- it was winter and the heat was on. I'm thinking I'm about to over heat and stroke out. Well, the girl behind me whispers to me " This happens to my mom all the time- it's called hot flashes" YALL THE THIRD GRADE. So I'm woozy and so so hot there's sweat in my belly button. I go up to my teacher- bless her and say " Um, Mrs. Adkins, I'm having hot flashes can I please go to the nurse?" Her face- I will never forget. She literally died in front of me. End of story- I go to the nurse and lay on the cot until my mom comes to get me. I never wore the red pleather set again.

Back our scheduled program- my Forever 21 black Friday Haul. I didn't buy all these items thinking they'd be for a Valentine's Day segment- they just worked out this way which I'm not mad at one bit!

This outfit is for the daring. If that's not you- step outside that comfort zone girlllll. Try to do one uncomfortable thing a week and you never know, you just might end up liking it (this is my attempt of being inspiration and stuff). Give a girl some credit now!

FYI- this is my natural-ish hair and it drive me bananas! It never does what I want it to- but does anything, ever??

Long Sleeve- Another F21 find. Fun Fact this style is called a "Lettuce-edge" cause it looks like damn lettuce. Who would have thought? I'm wearing a small and it is more of a crop top so beware wear something high waisted- or show off that belly button! For 12.99 you can't beat the price point!

Short sleeve lettuce edge- For the ones that want a short sleeve top with this skirt. Throw on a blazer or black cardi and you've got a pretty chic street look!

Red skirt- LADIES. This skirt is HOT HOT HOT. The slit is evident, but it is not so high up that you show all of your goods. The material is breathable and there's a nice stretch to the skirt. Plus is $16.99 and comes in black too!

This skirt is so cute and definitely can be worn again with a graphic T in the spring time too!

Shoes- I will probably wear these shoes until the literally block of a heel comes off. They are so comfortable and just go with everything! These are true to size and have a 3.75in heel.

Shoes 2- Same shoes, just for my ladies who want a smaller heel

Finally- my belt. I got it off Poshmark. I loved getting this designer from Poshmark because there is an amazing guarantee policy. You have three days to render the item as unauthentic after this point then the money is taken from your account. This is nice to save you from counterfeits! So neat!

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