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Preppin' for Fall!

ARGGGG! Leaves aren't falling, but I can pretend they are right?? I walked into The Sutler's Rambler Bar, just to take pictures because it was SO DAMN HOT outside. I was melting in my pants..The staff was nice enough to look at me like a crazy person and let me take my pictures while they rolled their silverware...always the best time to talk trash about tables and vent to like minded people.

Hey, so it's almost fall and I found this light weight fan sleeved top in a burnt orange color. Just amazing! It's a little cropped so I'd suggest a higher waist jean if you don't want midriff showing.

Again with my brown hat I can't stop wearing...I'll probably bald some by Spring if I keep wearing hats.

Top: Details are really cute on this one, and its light weight so it's perfect for that fake fall weather. Comes in seven different colors and is $15!! Boom. Fall savings!

Black pants: I LOVE black pants. I think they look perfect with everything. You're going to see me in black pants A TON! These are my favorite from Dillard's and do that cool "sculpt" thing- nothing to sculpt but I try and they're stretchy. Wearing a 26. TTS.

Shoes: All Black-I found these shoes at a TJ Maxx last year and they are Lucky Brand- but the linked ones are similar and wayyyy better of a price!

Shoes: These look exactly like the ones I'm wearing with the brown heel!

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