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Nola Floral

Hello Hello!

Alright, I spent a few days in New Orleans, and on the FIRST full day I came down with strep. UGH!!! I literally always get sick. Note to self, bathe in hand sani every three steps I take. Even though I was down for the count, couldn't eat solid-ish foods, I still wore my cute AF outfits. My sickness was NOT gonna stop me from slaying. Well, the hand grenades and fancy cocktails may have helped- a lot.

My romper was on a sale rack at the end of last summer. Basically, my whole thinking here is WHO CARES if it was from last season? Chances are its going to still be in the next summer. That's the fun thing about fashion it's like one of those revolving doors at hotels, you know the ones broken up into three sections and you feel like if you stop, you'll get trapped or the wall behind you will hit you and knock you on your ass and you'll get smeared across the floor like a bug under your shoe. Okay, dramatic, but that's just me.

Any who, I scoured the internet looking for similar styles and prints to the romper I'm wearing. So, I hope this helps someone out there find a cute floral, summery romper to prance around in with a cocktail in hand.

Romper 1: Similar print with bell sleeves, SUPER CUTE

Romper 2: Super cute, same style && on SALE! :)

Romper 3: Another similar style with ruched waist band

Romper 4: Tropical tank romper, so so cute!

Romper 5: This one doesn't look like the others in terms of color and print, similar style with the ruffles but it was too cute not to post!

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