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Mesh and dots

Just poppin' on here quickly to let you know, SUMMER ISN'T over yet! Don't busy out those boots just yet!

Even though we are at the end of the summer I wanted to share this adorable two piece swim suit! I actually bought it early January and have been sitting on it ever since! The detail is amazing, but I want to warn you, size up!

Swimmie: From SheIN pleaseeee look, and double check the size guide beccause they DO NOT do returns on swim wear! WEaring a size small. ONLY $14, for top AND bottom!

Necklace: sweet and dainty star necklace.

Glasses: my favorite colorful sunnies from Quay I'm always wearing

Summer's added on some extra fluff for me so this bikini ALMOST didn't fit! I'm a true 26 size pant and a small top. I had no issues with the top, but the bottoms almost didn't get all my bottom in them!

I also do want to caution, this is more of a leisurely pool outfit, my tan lines/sun burn was UNREAL!

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