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Little Red Dress

Alrighty, so its almost the "season of love" EW. right? Kidding-sorta. I'm not that sappy of a person but I'm here for all the love and whoever you wanna love. May it be a man, woman, dog, snake, bunny, the chocolate chip muffin you had for breakfast-just love it. Anywaysss, I snagged this adorable sweater dress back on Black Friday for a steal! Looking at it now, it is just about the same price as what I bought it for.

I'm admitting I'm not much of a dress and skirt kinda girl- but I try!! I try especially for events that require you dressing up and being a little more formal. Mind you, I shot this Valentine's Day series in the absolute freezing cold. I'm pretty sure it was roughly 26 degrees or so when the sun finally set. This series of pictures in this dress my bestie and I just had it- we were literally popsicles.

Red Sweater Dress: Wearing a Small in this dress. If you want more of a looser fit, definitely size up. It was a good length- I'm 5'7 for reference. I really liked the quality of this dress. It has a nice thickness to it, but nothing so thick it didn't have any stretch to it.

Red Bow Heels: The bow is actually fake! Its a Velcro strap and the bow is already made up on them! HOW FREAKING EASY! They are true to size and I'm wearing an 8 1/2.

Okay okay okay, and THESE SHOES!! I bought these in November of 2018 and I absolutely love them!! They are sturdy feeling and have a good support to them. I actually didn't have any problem walking in them. I found these babies off the ever so glamorous Amazon queen "ShopDandy". If you are an serious Amazing Prime shopper and don't follow her- you are

seriously missing out!

I didn't want to post this picture below- You can see my wrinkled tank top and my "holiday pudge" but you know what? It's 2020 and I could really care less. I'm not perfect and this is me everyday- struggling with a tank under all my clothes- and working out to look like I have a flatter stomach. PFT. PLEASE. Pizza for dinner every night.

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