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Keepin' it Casual

Keep the Fourth of July casual and simple with this cut-out T-shirt dress. This dress is roughly, 2 or 3 years old-- BUT still cute! This dress was nice because I was able to shove so much food in my face and it not show how bloated I was. Holiday season, right?

FYI. Don't try to turn up a champagne bottle. You'll choke and think you're about to die in the middle of the kitchen floor.

Knot front dress: Y'all AMAZON has it all!

Knot front dress: Not the same brand- but the same exact look!

Knot dress: Similar look, just no midriff showing

Tie up dress: Amazon win!

Denim jacket: Everyone's favorite place to roam, Target!

Rattan round purse: Such a fun bag that goes with everything!

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