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Help me, it's not fall but it maybe-kinda gets chilly

Okay, I live in Tennessee. Our "fall" doesn't happen until end of September through middle October. I would know, I've lived here forever AND my birthday is on Halloween so I always got so confused if I wear something warm or not, EVERY YEAR was different. I have pictures from my childhood, one year its a turtleneck pirate costume, the next is a short skirt cheerleader outfit.

Why rant? Well we all want to start to lose our minds when Hobby Lobby puts out fall gear. Well, there's a way to fake fall if it's still hot where you are. Sweaters and SHORTS! Seems pretty counter productive huh? Well, it's actually quite comfy and the fall fix you've been looking for. I really liked using the rattan purse to transition into fall-ish season.

Sweater: I actually bought this sweater from a boutique last fall and LOOK! It's back!

Shorts: Levi's fit me pretty strange. I'm a true-ish 26 and these are a 27/28

Booties: realllly old but I found some look a likes

Hat: dupe this hat is so old, hats weren't even cool when I bought it.

Belt: This is the exact belt, cheaper than when I bought it at Target

Purse: Mine's from TJMaxx but here's a look-a-like! :)

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