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Funny story about my shirt

Okay, so the story with this V-Neck. I buy a lot of items online that get shipped to my house. Well, I "live at home" my mom and dad are in Hawaii for my Dad's contract job, well she was home and this package comes to the front door when I'm in class. I come home, through the garage and she comes barreling out of her room explaining, I have a packages that have arrived. I walk to the front door and the packages are there in a pile. I go to pick them up and she exclaims at me "Bictoria (she's Puerto Rican with a THICK accent) WHY DOES THE PACKAGE SAY NASTY GIRL!? IS THERE SOMETHING NASTY IN THERE?!!! I couldn't help but die a little more. I had to open the package in front of her and show her its two T shirts and a bodysuit. "oh, oh okay, it says nasty"....I'm 25....

Perfect V Neck: I have them in grey and white, size small. oh and $8!! Solid deal! And comes in three colors.

Shorts: Abercrombie has amazing shorts! So stretchy and soft. I'm obsessed. Wearing a 26

Bralette. Weaing a small, worth the splurge! It holds up so well and can be worn all seasons!

Sneeks 1 very very close to what I have on, another old pair of tennies.

Sneeks Look-a-like

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