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Day to evening: Old Navy edition.

Hey there!

Happy almost Friday. Today is a day to celebrate we've almost made it to the weekend, whoop whoop! Early this week I kept it causal and wore sandals with this outfit but, got home and changed it up by changing tops and shoes to dress my pants up a bit.

I did a little mall shopping- which is rare and left with a TON of new pants for the spring/summer season. I love these patterns because they are all so fun and bright as well as work appropriate. I also like how these styles can convert from a day at work to an evening out by simply swapping out your top as I did in my pictures below.

The price and quality you just can't beat at Old Navy. I've owned pants from Old Navy for yearssss and they last forever! In the last couple years I've really grown to love their clothing, because when I was a kid I remember telling my mom not to get clothes from Old Navy because EVERYTHING had "OLD NAVY" written across the clothes in bold font which just didn't fly for my little 12 year old self.

Striped long sleeve: TTS I'm wearing a small && ON SALE for $10!!!!

Sunflower Ankle Length Pants: Wearing a size 2- there's a lot of stretch to them!

Sandals: Dupe from the popular Heremes style (retail for $650- NO THANKS!) from Walmart for $9!! I couldn't find the link online but linked a similar dupe for a great price!

Earrings: I LOVE tassel earrings

My go-to Nude heels

Polka-dot tank: Three different color options all on sale!

Navy Bralette: This really tied my top to my bottoms with a hint of navy

I've also recently gotten into the mixing of patterns, it still kinda weirds me out that it's now socially acceptable to mix stripes and polka dots, but hey I'm with it-more outfit pairing options. Just like it took me a while to mix black and brown- mom was VERY serious about not doing that growing up.This day in age, I'm pretty sure almost any pattern mixing is possible- don't quote me on this because knowing my luck I'll see a pattern mixing outfit that just didn't jive right.

Ahh, how fashion faux pas has changed.

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