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Brunchin' is my favorite verb

Next to sippin' mimosas :)

I wore this adorable combo for brunch last Sunday. My hat is from the location boutique, the Copper Petal I got at the end of last winter- yup again before hats were really cool. I guess I just have ESP for future fashion trends/ or well reoccurring trends. I also got this super soft T-shirt from Amazon from one of my favorite bloggers and Amazon muse- Shop Dandy. Look her up! Finally, my "mom" jeans, which are actually a realllly soft cotton blend with a high waist from a shop strictly on Instagram. I love brunch, I love clothes, I love mimosas, I love you for reading my blogs and trusting me to give fashion advice.

Top: Wearing a small for $12 on Prime!

Jeans: So so so amazing! Look up "Babes in Bradshaw" on Instagram to order via direct messages!

Hat: Hats for EVERY OUTFIT!

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