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Blazer and a T-shirt Dress

Valentines day falls on a Friday and UGH! Why, its a work day which means working all day, getting off, being greasy and trying to go out and look cute. Anyone else? Or just me...probably just me with the greasy part.

If you're more of a simple kinda gal, I think this look is right but your alley. This T-shirt dress can transition into the spring and summer. I'm wearing this with booties to dress it up, but Chuck Taylors and a hat. Done simple, easy outfit.

White T Shirt Dress: This T-shirt dress was very impressive. It has pockets- which we can all get down with! Not only this- it was a thicker material which is what really impressed me because F21 can be a little-erm flaky when it comes to quality.

T-shirt dress 2: Just another option and comes in 4 colors! Just more to add to your collection for spring/summer!

Blazer- Um, WOW. I bought this blazer when I was a senior in High School, and I always held onto it. Let me just tell you THIS EXACT BLAZER IS IN STOCK!

Plus sized blazer size- Same blazer just in plus sizes.

Booties: My favorite "sock-ish" booties. Low heel and perfect year round! These are oldies but goodies and pretty sure they were found at TJ Maxx. I always look on DSW for cheap comparable shoe options too.

Here's a Magnolia tree. I have a degree in Biology and took a Botany class where I had to learn the entire genetic phyla of this tree. This information is useless to me and I couldn't tell you anything else about this tree other than Joanna and Chip Gaines have created an empire named from this tree type. Stay in school my friends.

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