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Black Valentine's Day

Easy simple anti-ish valentines day outfit! I choose to have a "anti-valentines day" outfit because a few years ago my friend and I went out on Valentines Day and burned roses....and of course took pictures. Then proceeded to get a few drinks afterwards to drown our single sorrows. hee hee

Velour Black Body Suit Wearing a size small. I really liked this because it wasn't tight and didn't pull. It was nice and roomy-but still fitted! Hope that makes sense.

Satin Leopard Bodysuit- Same cut and style, but a bit different for a different look!

Red booties- These booties I bought two years ago via Shop Dandy. She seriously always find the cutest Amazon Prime wardrobe. I'm wearing my true 8 1/2 size. These shoes really are a POP of color you might need for Valentines Day, or any other time of year! I wore mine for Christmas too!

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